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The Australian Orchid Review is Australia’s Largest and Most Popular Orchid Periodical and one of the worlds most respected and popular full-colour orchid journals.

It commenced publication in 1936 and has been instrumental in promoting orchids and servicing the Australian orchid community since.

The Australian Orchid Review is 100% Australian owned and published by Hills Orchid Publishing Pty Limited.

David Banks has been the Editor of the Australian Orchid Review since 1999, becoming its seventh Editor.

Editors of the Australian Orchid Review (AOR)

G. Hermon Slade 1936-1939
Percy A. Gilbert 1939-1945
William Worth 1945-1949
Percy A. Gilbert 1950-1957
H. James Lawler 1957-1959
G. Hermon Slade 1959-1964
Ronald D. Kerr 1964-1987
David R. Wallace 1988-1998
David P. Banks 1999-

Today, the AOR is an A4 sized glossy full-colour 68 page magazine published bi-monthly featuring the latest in a wide array of exotic and indigenous orchids, species and hybrids, warm and cool growing varieties. The photographs are stunningly reproduced in full vibrant colour making it an extremely polished periodical. There are also major show reports, cultural notes, book reviews, advertisers and major show dates and significant orchid events. It is proudly published, produced and printed in Australia.

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All advertising bookings, rate quotes and enquiries should be directed to:
David Banks 0412 123036 email:


Articles for consideration and publication should be sent to:
David P. Banks 39 Carole Street Seven Hills NSW 2147 Australia
or emailed to

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