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Bruce and Colleen Wood live on the Central Coast of New South Wales. Bruce has been growing orchids for several decades and specialises in compact and intermediate style Cattleya hybrids. In more recent times Bruce has been at the forefront of quality breeding of these gorgeous orchids, producing dozens of world class hybrids and cultivars. He is Australia’s leading breeder in this style, which is to be commended in an era where many seem to be happy growing imported mass produced mericlones, which obviously all look the same. In this issue, Bruce gives us a run down on his cultivation techniques and what he looks for in elite Cattleya hybrids. Readers will be impressed by the showcase of quality and varied choice cultivars Bruce has developed in his backyard, many of which have been recognised with quality awards from the Australian Orchid Council. Congratulations Bruce on producing such outstanding Australian-bred orchids.


As always, there are significant articles on Australian native orchids. In this issue a new species of Sarcochilus is finally formally recognised, having been well known as being different to the typical “orange blossom orchid” for many decades. The genus of “tangle root orchids”, Plectorrhiza has now been expanded to include five species. A number of new terrestrial orchid species are also described, with contributions from a number of well respected authors.


Congratulations to regular contributor Alan Stephenson, who was awarded an Order of Australia Medal on Australia Day 2019, for his voluntary environmental work. Alan’s passion has been not only to help save native orchids in the wild from destruction, but to secure their often delicate habitats.


Australia has just endured its hottest year on record. We have had significant drought that is still ongoing in many regions, yet this was punctuated by bizarre weather systems that brought unbelievably high rainfall, especially to the Townsville area of North Queensland. Now, as we are going to press, there are still major bushfires impacting parts of rural Victoria.


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