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Scott Barrie from Barrita Orchids showcases another batch of seedlings from their commercial nursery on the Central Coast of New South Wales. They have the obvious benefit and advantage of being able to grow on vast numbers of seedlings to blooming to select for the specific hybridising traits hoped for at pollination time. Along the way you also get some quite unexpected results, plus some obvious dominant and recessive traits. There is more to hybridisation than just slapping two different flowers that happen to be in bloom on a given day.


Norm and Val Shipway took out the major prizes at the recent National Cymbidium Extravaganza at Dural, NSW. There plant of Cymbidium (Last Tango x Little Rod) ‘Tobruk’ was Grand Champion and a very eyecatching flower and display, with four flower stems with up to 40 blooms on the inflorescence. I’m sure this will become a sought after plant for show or just for growing, once divisions or mericlones become available.


I often wish that Andy Easton, now living in Colombia, would write more articles on orchids and their breeding, than some of the more controversial stuff he often ignites. I’ve known Andy since I was a teenager and he has always been generous in his orchid information sharing. We have never had a cross word, maybe because I’ve never been in competition with his Cymbidiums! In this issue Andy gives us the latest on Odontoglossum and their hybrids, with some gorgeous images.


Sadly we record the passing of two gentlemen who were both orchid judges heavily involved with our native orchids. Jim Lykos passed on 27th August 2019 aged 71. Jim was a senior judge with ANOS and was the resident expert on terrestrial orchids and overall plants of the upper Blue Mountains. Murray Corrigan had been an orchid grower for over 60 years, and with the likes of the late Wal Upton, involved with the formation of the Australasian Native Orchid Society in 1963. Murray also joined the North Shore Orchid Society back in 1961. Many growers would be familiar with Dendrobium kingianum ‘Corrigan’s Red’. Murray left us at 88 years of age on 29th September 2019. Our sincere condolences to the extended families of both gentlemen.


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