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Readers would have noticed an increase on the Cymbidium content of recent issues. We welcome contributions and major show reports from the remaining state Cymbidium clubs and societies. Peter Rochfort for this issue has put some information together on noteworthy progeny bred from Cymbidium Dolly ‘Featherhill’. Scott Barrie of Barrita Orchids also showcases some new hybrid Cymbidiums he has bloomed over the past 12 months.


The Cymbidium Society of America (CSA) recently awarded the 2019 Hudlow Medal to Alvin Bryant and Greg Bryant in March 2019. This is a seriously overdue award, for Alvin especially, who has made enormous contributions to hybrid Cymbidiums in Australia, as cut flowers, pot plants and for the astute grower seeking showbench success. Apart from hybridising, Alvin has always been interested in various growing mediums, plant nutrition and seemed to always be engrossed in experimentation. What was so useful and unselfish, was that Alvin would write honest articles about his various endeavours and results. Two aspects in particular that has never left Alvin have been his tremendous enthusiasm and his unparalleled humility. Greg has carried on from his father’s early work to make a solid name for himself, backed up by numerous quality and colourful Cymbidium breeding lines. Congratulations to both gentlemen. Andy Easton has written a tribute that appears in this issue.


The Australian Orchid Foundation conducts an annual essay writing competition for Australian orchid enthusiasts. The top three winning entries are reproduced in this issue, with the title being “My Greatest Orchid Disaster”. Hopefully readers will get some pointers into not committing the same mistakes.


Gerry Walsh “The Rock Lily Man” has a very colourful and engaging writing style. He has also seen lots and lots of native orchids in the Australian bush, is extremely observant with a memory like a steel trap. Gerry has extended the distributional range of a number of our indigenous epiphytic species, with the broad Dendrobium speciosum complex his obvious favourite. In this issue he discusses the seldom seen species, Bulbophyllum weinthalii. Remember the 9th Australasian Native Orchid Society (ANOS) Conference and Show will be held at Strathpine, Queensland from 23-25 August 2019.


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